Inspiration creates action

Steven J. Donlon

Group Managing Director, Projects Holding Co. W.L.L


Established in 1976, the Projects Holding Group has grown over the past 40 years from a modest construction company to an extremely successful and fully diversified commercial organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain with operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with our JV Partners. Led by a competent team of professionals and a workforce which is currently over 1,000 strong, Projects Holding Group continues to provide the highest quality products and services to key industry sectors, from construction and interior fit-outs to real estate and international trading.

Having recently joined Projects Holding Group in the capacity of Group Managing Director, I am delighted to be tasked with leading this thriving company into an exciting new era. Projects Holding Group is currently experiencing a period of evolution which will involve the commencement of exciting new schemes, the recruitment of additional personnel to supplement our already competent team, and sustained growth in the long-term throughout the GCC.

Projects Holding Group have a wealth of experience in successfully delivering challenging developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain and are currently working hard towards their expansion into the Eastern provinces of KSA. We hold the highest Grade AA license in Bahrain and have an unrivalled reputation in delivering only the best quality services.

The company’s proactive outlook towards the future and flexibility in responding to rapidly changing market needs and technological conditions drive us to become the pioneer, market leader and benchmark of quality in the industry that we operate in.

Our reputation and ability will stand this company in good stead for future growth as we constantly strive to provide value adding products and services that support the growth and diversification of Bahrain’s economy and contribute to the social well-being of the community.

Over the coming years it is my job to ensure that Projects continue to be at the forefront of its industry. We will look to partner with new clients and expand throughout the GCC. It really is an exciting time at Projects Holding Group and we look forward to sharing this success with you.